Olympic Games UFO plot

One of the more barmy 2012 ‘end times’ predictions is for a fake alien invasion at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. But perhaps the New World Order’s dastardly plans are already well underway….

On the night of Saturday 21 January residents in north Kent were startled by the sight and sound of low-level fighter jets streaking across the sky in pursuit of what appeared to be a UFO. A  couple from Gravesend posted an account of what they saw: ‘…a reddy orange shaped object (which was very low in the sky) and was an oval shape but quite large’ moving in ‘a tight abrupt circle before shooting off in such a fast fashion that the two jets that appeared were too late to catch up with it.’ Many others heard the boom and whoosh as the jets headed towards central London.

The flap prompted a FOI request (posted on What Do They Know?) that asked ‘whether the RAF [had] scrambled, investigated, chased or attempted to intercept unknown radar targets or visual sightings over the counties of Kent and Surrey.’

True to form the Ministry denied UFOs were the target and said the flap was actually caused by two Typhoons that were out at night practising landing at RAF Northolt where they will stationed as part of the military defence of the capital during the Games.

The ministry said the jets circled London and carried out ‘system checks’ over the Olympic stadium before returning to their base in Lincolnshire. But pixienix, posting on the Gravesend Messenger website, was unconvinced: ‘My brother works for the RAF on fighter jets and there is no reason why they would be performing training exercises for the olympics at that time of night,’ he wrote. ‘I’m not saying it was a UFO but it definetly  [sic] was not so called “training exercises”’.

Last summer the UFO industry predicted the aliens would use the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to reveal their presence on Earth. After their April Fool’s Day exclusive The Sun published some unimpressive footage of a plastic bag caught in the wind over Big Ben as evidence for extraterrestrial interest in the Royal nuptials.

Here’s my prediction: expect more silly-season stories of this kind as the Olympics approaches and batten down the hatches in August when the discus-throwing begins….

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