UFO books/magazines for sale

I have a number of vintage UFO and UFO-related magazines and books for sale. These include a run of back issues of the London-based Flying Saucer Review, starting in 1961, and a small run of the US ‘zine Official UFO.

If you wish to purchase any of the material listed below please contact me by email at furnival.news@googlemail.com and be prepared to make an offer (including postage and packing). Payment preferred by PayPal.

Books for sale (HB: hardback)

The Sky People: Visitors to this planet in Atlantean and Biblical times are with us today by Brinsley le poer Trench, Neville Spearman (2nd edition HB, 1961 with dustjacket, slightly torn)

The Secret of the Saucers, by Orfeo Angelucci, Armherst Press 1955 (HB, with dustjacket)

They Rode in Space Ships: Fantastic Meetings with Spacemen, by Gavin Gibbons (HB, first edition, 1957)

The Truth about Flying Saucers, by Aime Michel, Centurion edition, New York, 1956 (HB, no dustjacket)

They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers, by Gray Barker, T. Werner Laurie, London, 1958 (HB, with dust-jacket)

Inside the Space Ships, by George Adamski, Neville Spearman 1956 (HB, with dust jacket) – 2 copies

Flying Saucers – Serious Business, by Frank Edwards,Lyle Stuart: New York 1966 (HB, no dust jacket)

Flying Saucers and the Three Men, by Albert K Bender, Neville Spearman 1963 (HB, no dust jacket)

Flying Saucer Pilgrimage, by Bryant and Helen Reeve, Armherst Press, 1957

Flying Saucer Review:

Vol 7/3 (1961); Vol 10/3, 4 (1964) – 3 has missing cover; Vol 11/2, 5 (1965); Vol 12/1 (1966); Vol 13/6 (1967); Vol 14/1, 2 (1968); Vol 15/2 (1969); Vol 16/1,3 (1970); Vol 17/2,4,5 (1971); Vol 18/2, 5 (1972); Vol 20/1,2,3, 5,6 (1974); Vol 21/1 (1975); Vol 23/4,6 (1977); Vol 24/1,2,3,4,5,6 (1978); Vol 25/1,2,5 (1979); Vol 26/1,2,3,4,5,6 (1980); Vol 27/6 (1981); Vol 29/6 (1984); Case History Supplements:  12-18 (December 1972-February 1974); Special Issue 4 UFOs in Two Worlds (August 1971)

Official UFO (New York):

1975 (October, November); 1976 (January, February, May, July,, August, Collectors Edition fall, October, November, December);  1977 (January, March, May, Ancient Astronauts special, September).

MUFON UFO Journal (list available on request)

International UFO Reporter/Center for UFO Studies (list available on request)

Runs of other UK UFO magazine titles including:

BUFORA Journal

Journal of Transient Aerial Phenomena (JTAP – BUFORA publication)

The New UFOlogist

Northern UFO News