TV and radio

The Isle is Full of Noises (Celtic survivals in Britain) – consultant

BBC 1 Everyman, 1 November 1992

The Haunted By-Pass (Stocksbridge Bypass Ghosts) – consultant

ITV Strange But True, 2 December 1994

The Haunted By-Pass – (Stocksbridge ghosts) – consultant

Discovery Channel, 1995

The Mystery of Dark Peak (Peak District earthlights)

ITV Strange But True, 1 November 1996

Identified Flying Objects (Earthlights) – consultant

Channel 4 Equinox, 3 November 1996

Ghost Fliers (Phantom Aircraft) – consultant

ITV Strange But True, 1997


Howden Moor incident

BBC1 Mysteries, October 1997

Howden Moor UFO

Granada TV Origin Unknown, 1998


The Northern Lights (UFOs over Yorkshire)

BBC2 North, 28 January 1999

The Haunted Valley (Peak District earthlights)

BBC2 Close Up North, 2 November 2000

Britain’s X-Files (The Flying Saucer Working Party)

BBC Radio 4, 25 April 2002

Britain’s UFO Hunters (Flying Saucer Working Party and Ministry of Defence files)

Discovery Channel, 24 July 2002

Scream Team: The Curse of the Crying Boy (Urban Legends)

Living TV/ftn, 15 October 2002


Britain’s Closest Encounter (Rendlesham Forest incident)

BBC4, 6 March 2003

The New X-Files (Rendlesham incident/Berwyn Mountains case)

BBC Radio 4, 3 November 2003

Britain’s X-Files – consultant

BBC 2 Timewatch, 9 January 2004


Richard & Judy

Channel 4, 9 January 2004

Danny Wallace’s Conspiracies: UFOs

Sky 1, 26 October 2005


The Condign Report on UFOs

BBC News, 7 May 2006

UFO: UK: New Evidence

Five: Britain’s Closest Encounters (July 2008)

Episode 2: The Welsh Triangle

Episode 3: UFO Alley

Episode 4: Alderney Lights

France 2 (24 March 2009)

The UFO Files

Euronews (19 March 2010)

Space: Are We Alone?

National Geographic, 14 March 2011

UFO UK: New Evidence

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