Radar & UAPs – a new resource

For 2021 I have launched a new resource on my website that is dedicated to Radar, UAPs and other anomalies related to radar detection systems.

The case studies range from anomalous ‘angels‘ detected by the earliest RDF sets in the 1940s to so-called UAPs – unidentified aerial phenomena – tracked by sophisticated ground and air phased-array radars used by Western powers in the 21st century.

Radar UAP landing page:


This is a subject that has fascinated me for some time. During the past 20 years I have collected a large archive of material including first hand accounts from military and civilian radar technicians, fighter controllers and experts such as the late NASA meteorologist Dr David Atlas.

I intend to add new material to this resource on an ongoing basis as I begin to digitise my archive, starting with these case study files:

At the moment the Radar UAP resource is UK focussed as a direct outcome of my fieldwork.  But as the resource grows I will include links to reliable/authoritative source material relating to radar anomalies and case studies from Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world.


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