Close Encounters (at a distance): the UFOlore Podcast

The first episode of the UFOlore podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn.

Art by Tom Voyce used in the UFOlore project has been auctioned on Ebay to raise funds for the NHS emergency

We hope this weekly dose of discussion surrounding the folklore of UFOs and those who see and believe in them will be a nostalgic distraction from the Covid-19 crisis for many like-minded folk who are currently in lockdown.

UFOlore is a joint research project with journalist Richard Wilson and writer Jim Chisem, with assistance from a number of colleagues from the Department of Media Arts and Communications at Sheffield Hallam University and elsewhere.

Earlier in 2019 Jim interviewed me about my work on The National Archives UFO project for the British Online Archives podcast Dr Clarke versus the Flying Saucers. The podcast that resulted proved so popular that Jim approached me with the idea for a more regular podcast – and some YouTube films – that tackled the subject in an educational, non-sensational way.

It was a happy coincidence that TV journalist Richard had already proposed a mini series  that interviewed those who had seen and experienced unexplained aerial phenomena. Work had begun on filming just before the Covid-19 virus became a pandemic in March so this part of the project has been placed on hold for now.

But with the first two episodes of the podcast in the bag we decided to launch on Easter weekend – with apologies for the sound-quality on episode #1.

Future episodes will include a discussion with a retired schoolteacher who observed a triangular UFO over Sheffield city centre and with a special constable who experienced ‘missing time’ during a strange experience in North Yorkshire.

UFOlore also has a Facebook and Instagram page. Please like us and we welcome constructive comments and ideas for future episodes.

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