Saucery in Pop Culture

NASA’s preparations to test a saucer-shaped spacecraft have placed the iconic ‘flying saucer‘ back into the popular consciousness.

In a BBC Magazine feature journalist Jon Kelly explores how the saucer ‘has served as visual shorthand for the gleaming, jet-propelled, post-war vision of the future’.BBC News Magazine

Saucers are of course familiar to everyone from ’50s sci-fi classics such as The Day the Earth Stood Still but also turn up in architecture, such as the prefabricated Futuro houses designed by Matti Suuronen.

The saucer-shape appears in toys, kettles, phones, sherbet-filled sweets and even a number of English pubs.

One such hostelry, in Gillingham, Kent, was re-named following a ‘flap’ of UFO sightings nearby in 1954.

I enjoyed a pint of best bitter inside this Flying Saucer during a trip to interview Derek Dempster, the former Spitfire pilot and UFO watcher, a decade ago.

The only time I have been inside a flying saucer - whilst enjoying a pint inside this pub at Gillingham in Kent

The only time I have been inside a flying saucer – whilst enjoying a pint inside this pub at Gillingham in Kent

NASA’s plans return us full circle to the optimistic post-war era sandwiched between the UFO flaps of 1947 and 1967.

During this period newspapers and futurologists speculated that saucer-shaped hypersonic aircraft might be the next big technological leap after the jet engine

And some forward-thinking engineers such as Britain’s John Frost tried to turn these ideas into reality.

But Frost’s design for a futuristic prototype flying saucer for Avro-Canada (‘Project Y2′) – based on German designs from WW2 – never made it past the drawing board.

And despite many subsequent attempts to revive the idea – such as the British Railways Board patent for a fusion-power saucer in the ’70s – saucers have remained firmly in the eye of the beholder.


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1 Response to Saucery in Pop Culture

  1. T. Wood says:

    I saw a Flying Saucer UFO over Bradford, West Yorkshire, at approx. 10.30pm on Sat. July 30th 2011. I know what I saw. It was real, and it wasn’t man-made. No military on earth can possibly have craft with such capability as I witnessed. I don’t even care whether anyone believes me or not, I now know the truth, that these things do exist and they are visiting us.

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